The Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana was born out of the spontaneous reaction that occurred during the implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) which teachers were shortchanged. As a result Teachers all over the country embarked on nationwide demonstrations and industrial action with each group using the name Concern without the support from any Union or politicalparty. This made Government to open fresh negotiations for
Teachers. In the process, government decided to introduce an allowance for teachers called ‘Retention Premium’ (15% of the basic pay). The aggrieved teachers decided to form a new Union when thirty-one (31) of the leaders were sacked from GNAT and NAGRAT. The Union became COALITION OF CONCERNED TEACHERS GHANA (CCT-GH) with her motto: ‘QUALITY EDUCATION! OUR CONCERN ‘and Slogan; Concern! Resolute!!

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers – Ghana exists to protect and promote the well-being of its members; to improve the conditions of teaching and learning; to enhance the cause of universal and quality education; to ensure that the civil rights of all teachers and children are protect; and to secure a more just, equitable and democratic socie

Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana is the most vibrant Teacher Union in Ghana. It Has 22,467 members and still counting every day and has officers and executives in all the Ten Regions in Ghana.


We also seek the welfare and development of our members in every facet of life.


We are concerned with ensuring better conditions of service for our members.


Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana would have new courage and energy to pursue labour with wisdom, her patience shall be felt.


Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana shall defend the teaching profession. When darkness deepens, fear gripples, the union shall be light.

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